Midterm reactions: a perspective

There has been a lot of talk on the midterm elections that occurred last week. It has varied from optimism to complete disillusion Several students voiced their opinions, which were both positive and negative, including this student, who wishes to remain anonymous. He said that “the original Republican party is not the same Republican party that we see today because the original party was about equality, diversity, and compassion.

Today’s Republican party has shown that they can only achieve their goals by misleading the masses, hate, and bigotry.” He goes on to say that “this is not true of all Republicans but the numbers are so large within the party itself that many sinister and hateful people have been emboldened to spread fear and distrust among us.” Seeing the Democrats take control of the house this past election came as a relief. This election was not just about electing Democrats to the office, but it was about electing those who believe that every American should have equal opportunity and be provided the basic necessities for life.

The midterm elections were not without strife or controversy. But the number of women, LGBTQ and people of color represented in our Congress have grown. As many would say, the younger generation are the ones that hold the future of America in their hands. The issues presented at today’s forefront are going to directly impact them more than anybody else. This student went on to say that “our voices must be heard because we are the agent of change.” Even though the election results were not everything that many on campus would hope for, it still gives an outlook on the future. 2020 seems far away, but as the election creeps closer, new voices could be ready to step up and, like this student said, be the agents for change for America.

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