John Jameson: lost for Hope, then found

The Dutchman continues to live underneath Vorhees Hall, feeding on either the sewer water that leaks in or food that students leave behind in the dorm. You might remember the first part of his story, but it is still not complete. There is another story that needs to be told about a man named John Jameson, a man who did something unfathomable, which was attempting to catch the Dutchman. After his disapearance in 1989, he has not been seen, as well as the Dutchman. In 1989, a new crop of young, eager ghostbusters, led by a charismatic freshman named John Jameson, was left to deal with the Dutchman.

Jameson was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. He has two older brothers and two younger sisters, putting him smack dab in the middle of his family. He came to Hope because of its liberal arts education. He had dreams of being a great writer, like his favorite author and poet: Robert Jones. Jameson immediately connected with another freshman, Jonesy, who was an avid ghost hunter, and this is where the story really begins. The boys stumbled onto the ghost whilst living in Voorhees hall as roommates. One night, the boys were doing homework when John heard noises coming from the floorboards. He got his flashlight and dragged Jonesy along with him. They found the source of the noise: a broken slab of concrete with a hole in it. They looked down into it and saw what appeared to be a ghostly figure with a full robe, stirring about. Jonesy, in all his great wisdom, let out a massive laugh which woke Dutch up.

As the two boys began to get up to escape, Jonesy got the corner of his shirt caught on the broken slab. Before John could do anything, Jonesy was dragged through the floor, which, interestingly, did not break. There was silence for several minutes as John contemplated what to do next. He ran up through the tunnel towards his room and dialed the phone in the hallway. The police arrived, John gave his statement and they investigated the disturbance but found nothing. None of John’s other friends believed what happened to him, so he decided to call a close friend. A voice on the other end picked up, and John said “Kyle, I need help. I need to find my friend.” Kyle answered with a simple “yes,” gathered up his old ghostbusting gear and drove the 300 miles to the campus to meet up with his new acquaintance.

The two finally met face to face, quickly shook hands and headed out to face the Dutchman. Once Jameson and Mater arrived at the tunnel, they could both sense the presence of the Dutchman stirring about in the tunnel. They were the old and the new, ghostbusters of Hope college, facing the Dutchman, a swift, cunning ghost who did not wish to be caught. Kyle and John, armed with their soakers and freeze, went down to search for Jonesy, but immediately were enveloped by the ghost.

They were never heard from again. This is a warning to any other ghost hunters that come knocking: “the Dutchman will get you.” But the story does not end there. In 2015, a freshman named Kilo Meters was coming from a frat event when he heard a mysterious noise coming from the basement. He found two men, passed out……

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