Fraternal society raises awareness for CASA

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The Fraternal Society partnered with the Sorosis, Sibylline, Dorian and Delphi sororities put on a fundraising event for Hope College’s Children After School Achievement (CASA) program Tuesday in the Jim and Martie Bultman Student Center.

The event sought to bring awareness for CASA, as the program is always looking for volunteers, while also taking this chance to raise funds to increase the organization’s resources. It was the Fraters’ hope to bring attention to this selfless and giving program on campus. The Fraters share that this year’s current group of actives have been very committed to the tradition of their fraternity. One of these traditions included hosting a holiday part in honor of CASA. The Fraters wanted to bring the holiday spirit back this year as well as take the opportunity to give back to their community and get a chance to help and interact with the CASA kids.

The event was structured to be fun for all ages. Many volunteers assisted in the fundraiser. The activities included corn hole and a craft and coloring station which proved to be exciting for not only the kids, but the Fraters as well. Disney songs to sing along to were played over the loud speakers. The fun was enjoyable for everyone with over 200 attendees, volunteers and kids’ smiles lighting up the Student Center Program area.

Frater President, Derek Chen (’18), shared “It was a blast! Everyone knows Fraters are kids at heart, and it became obvious once the games and crafts began. There was an audible sigh of disappointment from both the kids and Fraters when it was time for the party to end.”

The word of the event was spread around campus, but a popular scandalous rumor circled widely. A “ransom note” was found in the Pine Grove for President Voskuil stating “President Voskuil, we have your bike. If you want it back, be at the Frater Thanksgiving Party.”

The tactic was done in hopes to gain attraction and awareness to the fundraiser and hopefully inspire more donations from members of the Hope community. When asked if President Voskuil’s bike was actually stolen, the Fraters shared they could neither confirm nor deny the allegation. Some sources say President Voskuil was spotted at the event and did retrieve a bike, making a generous donation to CASA in exchange. Other sources say Voskuil was out of town – this information is most likely correct. The Fraters had no further comments on the subject.

First Lady Betty Voskuil attended the fundraiser to show her support and to give a heartwarming speech. A key and sentimental highlight in the First Lady’s speech entailed an admission for the Fraternal Society, “I never thought I’d say this, but I am so proud of the Fraters.”

Chen shared, “We are honored to make her and the rest of the Hope community proud. We are extremely grateful for all the help that President and Mrs. Voskuil gave us for this event, and we really appreciate everything they do for us Hope students.”

The event proved to be a success, with over 200 attendees and many Fraters, volunteers and guests indicating excitement and serious interest in signing up to tutor after this amazing event.

To get involved in CASA, email CASA is always looking for volunteers.

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