Flip on over to Pancake/Waffle House this weekend

Do you like breakfast late at night? Are you a fan of dancing for hours on end? Does the idea of loud music and lots of friends appeal to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have just the place for you. Hawkinson/Van Zyl Cottages (otherwise known as Pancake/ Waffle house) host monthly events that include dancing, socializing and of course, free pancakes and waffles. According to current Van Zyl resident Brenner Wallace (’20), Waffle House events have been happening for around 10 years now, and it all started because of a group of passionate Hope students.

The goal of Pancake/Waffle House is to create an space for college students to have fun on the weekend. “Campus Ministries sponsors our parties because they want to keep Hope students from the risks that alcoholic parties bring to college students,” Wallace said “Personally, I wanted to live in Waffle House because I had a lot of fun attending the parties as an underclassman. My best friends also attended frequently, and we all wanted to be a part of the ministry. I’ve seen the damage that alcoholic parties can do to young students, and I am happy to create a healthy alternative.” Two current Pancake House residents shared what it is like to live there, as well as the impact that Pancake House has on Hope students.

Sara Arnquist (’21) commented, “My favorite aspect of living in Pancake House has been the Christ-centered community. To live in a house of seven people who all have the same goal, to love and pursue Jesus and to love and reach others, has been really humbling and special. Pancake House tries to impact students by giving people a place to go, hang out, have fun, meet people and eat pancakes in a comfortable, warm and intentional environment.” Kayla Lang (’20) said, “I think my favorite aspect of living in Pancake House is the opportunity I have as an upperclassman to provide a space for Hope students to get to know their peers and enjoy delicious food. I really enjoy the idea of opening up my home to people. I don’t think many other schools have something like this; this is something unique that Hope offers.” If you are not convinced by now to give Pancake/Waffle house a try, here is a list of reasons why Hope students love Pancake/ Waffle house: free food, clean fun, socialization, energetic atmosphere and stress relief.

Caryn Dannah (’22) says: “I love attending Pancake/ Waffle house because of the fun environment, the great music and the dancing. When I go to Pancake/Waffle house with my friends, I always know that it will be the highlight of my weekend.” Another student, Maria Grubb (’22) thinks that people enjoy attending these events because “it’s a very exciting environment, people are happy to be there, and it’s a major stress reliever, especially after a tiring week.” Sophie Rossmillerr (’21) comments that “it is an easy place to socialize, meet people and reconnect with friends I have not seen in a while.” The next Pancake/Waffle house will take place next Saturday, April 13, from 8 to late, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

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