Capptivation reaches out to students


DOWNLOAD IT TODAY FOR FREE — Capptivation shares mobile app with Hope students
to share information on sexual violence and its prevention as well as becoming a support tool for survivors. (Capptivation)

We can all use our voices to  change the culture to prevent  sexual violence.  

Sexual Awareness Month is  this April and we can take on  a role of changing the culture  to prevent sexual violence.  Prevention requires addressing  the root causes and social norms  that allow sexual violence to  exist. Steps to taking these  measures can be done with  Hope College’s Student Teaching  and Empowering Peers (S.T.E.P)  right here on campus. If you  want to get invovled with S.T.E.P  email  

It also requires calling on  groups whose influence can  play a critical role in changing  the culture. Along with that,  there will be plenty of upcoming  opportunities to promote  awareness about this important  issue, with the goal of creating  a safer campus community at  Hope College.  

One of these ways is with a  company called Capptivation,  creators of the smartphone app  Reach Out Editions, which seek  to empower student survivors  of sexual misconduct with  information about their options  for support both on  and off  campus. Reach Out offers a  step by step guide to helpful  resources for survivors at any  point in their healing journey.  

Resources are specific to your  school and local community.  Each resource includes a  description, complete contact  detail and hours. Subcategories  make it easy to find resources  at the local, state and national  levels.  

Reach Out simplifies  reporting by organizing your  options into easy to understand  categories. Simply tap on any  of the categories to learn more  about the reporting process  and who you can contact to  file a report. Do you have  questions about Title IX or  sexual misconduct? Links offer  one tap access to digestible and  relevant information from your  school’s policies and procedures.  Capptivation designed the  app to be as relatable and  accommodative for all college  students as possible by ensuring  that users are anonymous, the  information is campus specific  and it’s free.  

Capptivation shares,  “Navigating the various options  of support off campus can be  complicated. That’s why we  created the Reach Out Network.  Members of the Reach Out  Network are clearly marked  within Reach Out, and provide  custom mobile pages with their  message tailored specifically  toward the high school and  college populations. These  mobile pages are intended  to provide a welcoming  environment and address the  needs of a student survivor.”  

They invite Hope students  to download and preview the  app by searching for Reach Out  Edition in either the iOS App  Store or Google Play Store.  Once in the app, simply search  for Hope College to be taken to  your homepage. This is a great  resource for campus. Any more  questions can be answered at

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