Baker Scholars prepare for Japan

SAYONARA HOPE COLLEGE — Business, economics and accounting majors who are in the Baker Scholars program (above) are gearing up to travel to Tokyo and Kyoto for an immersion experience overseas. The group will learn about Japanese businesses. (Hope College)


This spring break, the Hope College Baker Scholars are traveling to Japan to experience Japanese culture and learn from major companies in Tokyo. The group, led by Steve VanderVeen, is an ambitious group of economics, business and accounting majors. Typically activities include learning from other business leaders and groups from the U.S. and abroad.

Every other year the group goes abroad to experience a new culture and new businesses. In previous years the group has visited India, China and Panama, to name a few.

This Friday, their plan is to leave Holland to prepare for the 13 hour plane ride. Once there, the group will have the opportunity to experience the culture and see different businesses such as Amway, Aflac, Wunderman and Papa’s Factory. The group is also looking forward to a trip to Kyoto. They will also visit the Tsukiji market, a popular fish market that is set for relocation in the near future and participate in a tea ceremony. They are set to return the Sunday before classes begin.

A business and gender studies double major, Alissa Heynen (’18), is also the group’s communications director. She plans to take a gap year and then pursue law school post-graduation. Heynen is  excited for the trip saying: The Baker Scholars has been an amazing community for me at Hope. I’m excited to have the opportunity to see business in a new culture. — Alissa Heynen, Communications Director.

The Baker Scholars Program is dedicated to developing students’ business-leadership potential. In conjunction with  the Department of Economics and Business, the program focuses on three interrelated sets of activities; exposure to business leaders and centers of commerce, leadership experiences and personal leadership development to empower students to more effectively discern, develop and employ their gifts and calling.

To be considered for selection in the Baker Scholars Program, student applicants must be a Hope sophomore, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 for the first three semesters and be a declared major in business,  accounting or economics. Applicants must be dedicated to pursuing a career in business and willing and able to actively participate in the Baker Scholars program for the next two years. (Planned participation in an off-campus semester will not disqualify you for consideration, but it is helpful for the selectors to know if this is in your plans, since it may affect the number of students selected.)

If interested in joining, applications for the Baker Scholars program are posted mid-February with selection day generally in mid-April.


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  1. March 16, 2018 @ 5:42 am Bob Hagman

    Have a great trip, Baker Scholars. Learn and experience as much as you can on this once in a lifetime opportunity! We’re thinking about you all the way.


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