Articles by Logan Pitsenberger


Seven reasons to be a humanities major

Allow me to persuade you to discard your business, accounting, biology, communications, or any other major connected, in some way, to the so-called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) or social science fields. I propose you instead major in that which offers something of substance. Philosophy, classical studies, English, or a history major would be fine…


New music for wind ensemble

The Jack H. Miller center and those who graced its lustrous concert hall experienced something entirely new on Friday, November 22. Hope College’s wind ensemble, directed by Dr. Southard, performed two never before heard pieces commissioned by the Music Department. These were “Vendetta” and “Summertime Echoes,” written by Josh Trentadue and Justin Rito, respectively. Between…


Music of Japan

On Friday, October 18 the Dimnent Chapel was filled with echoes from Music of Japan, a concert that incorporated a variety of different sounds and consisted of music almost entirely written by Japanese composers. It began in dramatic fashion. Ken Koshio, a professional player of traditional Japanese percussion called taiko, walked into the middle of…