Articles by Emma DesLauriers-Knop

Emma ('20) was the Beyond Editor for The Anchor during the spring semester of 2020 after having served as a staff writer the previous fall. A lifelong storyteller, Emma harnessed her love for reading books into writing short stories and joined The Anchor in the fall of 2018 as a guest writer to learn a more journalistic approach to writing. Emma loves that writing gets her out and exploring her community and speaking to all kinds of people. An apt traveler and history nerd, Emma translates her love for learning about far away places into both her Global Studies and French majors. When she’s not writing, you can find her sipping a coffee, out for a run, or perusing a library for her next great read.


Popping the bubble: A closer look at safety and community in Holland

Most students at Hope College would agree that Hope is a tight-knit community, one that has created a safe environment somewhat separate from the outside world. Hope takes countless measures to ensure student safety, from blue emergency lights, 24-hour campus safety, a night-time shuttle, and friendly officers always ready to escort students back to their…