Daily Archives: September 30, 2019


Resident Artist Redefines Reality

Walking into the De Pree Art Gallery, one could feel as though they are entering a sensory playground at a Children’s Museum. Eyes are immediately focused on the architectural sculpture at the center of the current gallery exhibit, fashioned from steel, colored glass, mirrored spheres, piles of powder, and yarn balls. Light warps the eye,…


Campus welcomed Yuno to the stage

Hope College Concert Series had their first event of the year last Friday night. Through shared music, the Concert Series “aim(s) to inspire the West Michigan and Hope College community in areas of diversity, originality, and openness”. This concert took place in the Knickerbocker Theatre, featuring local band The Skinny Limbs as opening act, and…


Popping the bubble: A closer look at safety and community in Holland

Most students at Hope College would agree that Hope is a tight-knit community, one that has created a safe environment somewhat separate from the outside world. Hope takes countless measures to ensure student safety, from blue emergency lights, 24-hour campus safety, a night-time shuttle, and friendly officers always ready to escort students back to their…