Articles by Anna Koenig


Hobbies? In Adulthood?

Have you ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror and realized you need more hobbies?My reflection dropped that lovely truth bomb on me a couple months ago and since then I havebeen on a self-motivated and difficult journey of finding out what it is I actually like to do.As a growing child you…


Snow Days in College?

Let me paint you a picture of my view out of the window on the first floor in Martha Miller. 2pm. I just walked to class with my fur hood all the way up, winter hat underneath, knee length coat zipped to the top, $20 black fashion boots that double as winter boots laced up…


A Closer Look at IMAGES

 If you ask students what three Hope College traditions are around campus, most would probably answer the Pull and Nykerk but blank on the third. This third tradition is IMAGES, a beautiful production of multicultural celebration held at the Knickerbocker Theatre downtown. IMAGES takes place every November and is put on by the Fried Center…