‘The Tipping Point’: A must listen from Tears for Fears

On February 25, 2022, Tears for Fears released their album “The Tipping Point.” The last album the band released was in 2020, titled “The Seeds Of Love (Deluxe).” Some of their older work that is most recognizable is the song “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” released more than 35 years ago in 1985. This new album has 10 tracks, and every single one tells an intricately crafted story that is unique to the others. The artists have combined elements of folk, rock, and a small bit of pop together to create a brilliant symphony that is the culmination of years of hard work. The music produced for this album is unlike any I have ever heard. It is a testament to the evolution of music over the past couple of years and should be given a listen by those of all ages, as it takes older elements of music and delicately weaves them into newer elements.

The first track on the album is titled “No Small Things.” It starts with an acoustic guitar that is paired very well with the vocals. The addition of a tambourine, bass drum, and harmonies creates a very folksy experience that makes listeners feel carefree. The lyrics seem simple, but speak volumes; they speak of the desire to see the world and explore new horizons, as well as settle down with the one you love. They talk about how great it feels to be free in America,  singing, “Cause freedom, is no small thing. We punish the child, for flying too high, for rushing like the wind.” The song takes a turn at these lyrics, and transitions into a rock song that allows listeners to feel the pain of captivity, for not being allowed the freedom to do what you love. This song creates an ever-changing atmosphere that captivates its listeners with an environment that shifts at will. 

The next song, titled “The Tipping Point,” takes what “No Small Things” had to offer and puts it aside in order to present something brand new. It starts off with simple synths that come together to form a melodic tune. More synths are then presented to create texture as well as add lib voice lines. It slowly builds into a rock song, which is reminiscent of their hit song “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” yet it has adapted to the current state of music. “The Tipping Point” has kept the synths, but added electric guitars and a drum set as well as brilliant vocals. Its lyrics call out to the audience with tones of despair that encourage them to continue listening. The lyrics throughout this track are exquisitely crafted and add to the environment forged by the music. It starts listeners in an exciting world where anything is possible, then yanks them from it to then portray a world of little hope, where the artist describes ghosts and random shapes climbing walls. Even with all of this, the music still has you tapping your foot wanting more and more as the song progresses.

The fourth song on the record, another that is worth mentioning, is titled “Break The Man.” This track starts with piano and ad-libs, which create an initially calming environment. It then snaps you into a more exciting world, where the lyrics discuss the concept of feeling stuck in place in life. With this, they explore the concept of the one you love lifting you up from the rut you’re in and making life more interesting from there on out. The chorus of this song is extremely catchy and sounds like something you would hear in the summertime while driving with the roof down on a sunny day. 

This album is a work of art and strikes me as pure musical genius. Tears for Fears has handcrafted a beautiful album that can be appreciated by anyone who listens to it. I highly recommend that everyone give this album a listen, if for nothing else, solely for the experience that it provides.

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