The resurgence of Art Club

It’s Wednesday night. Everything is dark, streetlights are on, and classes are long done for the day, but way back in the maze of Depree Art Center, you’d find that the entire sculpture studio is still brimming with activity. Here, vibrant magazine spreads and collage materials are spread across desks. There’s a small army of pliers being used with wire and shiny beads to make earrings and bracelets. Tiny canvases pile up with paintbrushes and paint for a Bob Ross night chock full of happy little trees. It’s a shared space for anyone with an appreciation for making things (messes included), major or not.

After a few years of dormancy, Art Club has resurfaced. We’ll admit that Art Club isn’t the most artsy of names out there for our group, but we’ve found that the simple name reflects exactly what we’re trying to do. Art Club is a commitment-free, dedicated time for anyone who appreciates art to come spend an hour in a space with others. For one night a week, we’ve created a stress-free space to foster creativity.

Within the art world, there’s a lot of stigma about what it means to be considered an artist.  The typical description usually comes down to some prodigy-level of innate ability that makes art sound highbrow and inaccessible. Creativity comes with a lot of imposter syndrome, even for the people with the confidence to call themselves artists.  It’s not always easy to sit down with a blank white canvas in front of you, brush in hand and no new ideas to speak of. It is a universal feeling that usually ends with that same blank canvas sitting in the corner untouched like a reminder of why creativity is better left to “the artists.” With Art Club, we want to flip that definition on its head and change what it means to be a creative.

Art Club’s first meeting of the semester on September 15: Jewelry making. Photo courtesy of @hopeartclub on Instagram.

When we say everyone is welcome, we mean it. That scary concept of “being creative” becomes a lot less intimidating when you’re in a room with people who are really just there to have fun with creativity instead of making it something out of reach. “When you bring together community and art, the possibilities are endless,” says Joanna Locke (’24), one of the founding members of Art Club.  That combination is powerful on campus and beyond. Art can be a means of expression and a way to bridge gaps and make relationships that might not be buildable in any other way.

To build community in Depree, we want to put art within reach of anyone who has a love for it.  Art Club has an activity schedule, but you’re also welcome to come work on any art projects (personal or otherwise) you’re trying to finish and get some encouragement or advice. We’ll hype you up, we promise.

If you’re looking for something to do from 8:30 to 9:30 on Wednesday nights, we’ve got you covered. No art experience needed, just come with a good attitude and a willingness to let loose creatively! Please email Natasha Marsh at with any questions or comments! We hope to see you soon!

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