Holland rocks with Twin Peaks

(Photos by Kelly Ocock)

The Park Theatre was packed last Friday night as students and community members waited to experience a lively and unforgettable concert. The theatre, located at 248 South River Ave., is close to Hope College’s campus, across from Centennial Park. Although a small venue, after the doors opened at 7:30 p.m. and the minutes inched closer to 8 p.m., the small, dingy room filled to the brim with expectant concert-goers.

Post Animal was the opener for the main act, Twin Peaks. They played a set that was full of heavy rock songs with emphasis on drum and guitar solos. With hair flipping, a loud thumping of the bass through the speakers and rough vocals, they fulfilled the rock style. After their set had finished, they left the crowd more energized for the main act and eager to hear more music.

Twin Peaks, who has been on posters across campus for a month, is comprised of five guys from Chicago, who bring the rock and roll sound of the 80s back to the music scene. Their band is composed of drums, guitars, bass and piano, layered by impassioned and smooth vocal melodies.

Before going onstage, the guys of Twin Peaks encouraged the audience to head-bang to the music and have fun with the show. This was hardly necessary, because when they proceeded to walk onstage after sound check and the first tune flooded the venue, the crowd grew ecstatic and immersed in the music. Each member is highly energetic and passionate about the art they create, which was evident throughout the concert. From spitting water to crowd surfing, the band maintained a talented yet mischievous edge that kept fans excited throughout the night.

Many of the songs played were from “Down in Heaven,” the band’s latest album from 2016. Some of the songs featured were hits like “Walk to the One You Love” and “Making Breakfast.” Among others, these songs exemplify the love themes prevalent in their music mixed with nostalgia of past events and relationships. The mostly upbeat tunes meshed with heartbroken lyrics give Twin Peaks a certain unique charm of having fun, while singing through the pain in life.

Most of the crowd danced the entire time while Twin Peaks played their set. The guys effectively kept the energy up and made the Friday night memorable. Students seemed to appreciate the combination of the classic rock-and-roll sound with the calm, charismatic attitudes of present-day bands. Bands that come to Hope tend to be strictly Christian music or folk, indie bands, so the fact that this concert brought in more diverse sounds and lifestyles than students are accustomed to was beneficial. The Concert Series strives not only to bring in bands Hope is familiar with but tries to expand the musicians and views to encompass people of all types.

The Japanese House is the next event happening for Hope’s Concert Series. The band, comprised of Amber Bain, will be performing on Feb. 24, at the Park Theatre as well. Just like Twin Peaks, the concert will be starting at 8 p.m. with doors opening half an hour prior. Tickets can be picked up in the Anderson-Werkman office for $5 per student and $15 for the general public.

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