Go take ‘Flight’ in the DePree Art Center

With the weather outside still fairly cold and miserable, it can be both more practical and fun to look for activities indoors rather than outdoors. In between midterms and looking at flights out of Holland for spring break, take a quick mental vacation without leaving campus by visiting the DePree Art Center and checking out Melissa Hopson’s exhibition, “Flight.” Hopson works primarily in mixed media and sculpture, which is reflected heavily in this exhibition. The pieces are made from an array of different materials, from beeswax to aluminum to a material called aqua resin, which is a waterbased, non-toxic sculpting resin.

The majority of the pieces in “Flight” were made by using monotype, a print-making method that involves drawing or painting on a smooth, nonabsorbent surface, such as zinc, glass, copper or acrylic glass. When you walk into the DePree Art Center Gallery, the first thing you will probably notice is the large aluminum frame of an airplane hanging by the far wall. Hanging on the wall near the aluminum frame are six monotype images of the same hanger, all in different colors and positions. On the floor there are five large layouts, also in different colors. All but four of the pieces in the exhibition were created in 2019, which is amazing considering the exhibition opened in early February. “Flight” features so many different objects and pieces, all connected by the metaphor of an urgency of action and feeling. Images and sculptures of aircraft are prominent throughout the exhibit (hence the name “Flight”), though there are other ways of inspiring movement. In the back section of the gallery, Hopson created a pair of Adidas tennis shoes, which are typically associated with movement and speed.

There are also several monotype pieces related to diving, as well as one called “Landing,” which looks to be about the moon landing (let’s all come to the consensus that Bush did not, in fact, fake the moon landing, if only just for the sake of this beautiful piece of artwork). Unfortunately, the only day left to see Hopson’s “Flight” exhibition is this Thursday (that’s tomorrow!), so be sure to stop in and take a look around before you head off to Florida for a week. Who knows, with scheduling coming up at the beginning of April, the exhibition might just inspire you to take up an art class or two and create an inspiring piece or collection of your own. We hope to see you there!

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