Eduardo Navarro serves edible artwork to visitors

ARTISTIC TASTE — Dozens of patrons peruse Navarro’s exhibit of edible drawings as Navarro himself (in front of the soup pot) serves his visitors cups of art soup. (New York Times)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a thousand servings?

Until April 22, the New York Drawing Center is hosting the  works of Argentinian artist Eduardo Navarro, who believes that  the everyday person should have more involvement in the world of art.

In his exhibit “Into Ourselves”, visitors will find dozens of pen-and-paper drawings  spread out under heat lamps, and a large soup pot on a hot plate in one corner of the room.

On the nights that Navarro holds a serving, he dissolves one or more drawings into the pot of soup and hands out individual  cup servings to visitors. Navarro explains that these specific  drawings, made using rice paper and edible sharpie, are actually based on concepts of quantum physics, such as the holographic principle.

The majority of Navarro’s artwork is thematically designed to  involve all of our senses, not just sight. He refers to the stomach as a kind of “internal eye” and elaborates on the idea of patrons being able to take away a part of the exhibit visit with them, absorbing the essence of the art into their bodies.

Despite the many perplexing aspects of his work, the one  thing he worries over the most is making the soup taste good. After all, any well done piece of edible artwork should be both  literally and metaphorically delicious.


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