Chris Cox

De Pree gallery features Hope alumna

Chris Cox

SIT AND SMILE FOR THE CAMERA — Art is serious business. Artist and Hope alumna, Chris Cox, sits proudly amongst his work, which is exclusively photography. (

A new gallery has been set up at De Pree that began on Oct. 21. It contains pieces of artwork by Chris Cox, a Hope College alumna who graduated in 2012. His show is called “Infinite Replica” and will be on display through Nov. 18.

Upon entrance to the art gallery, one will notice the sign that details how the gallery “is to uphold a commitment to students to engage with diverse visions and views.” Sometimes the pieces evoke ideas that challenge the norm or express thoughts that are not widely acknowledged. Similarly, the artwork Cox has brought to the gallery could be contrary to what some viewers are accustomed to encountering within an art show.

“Infinite Replica” focuses on male nudity and radiates a vulnerable display of emotion. “Here the conditions of youth are on display, the tensions of desire lay quiet and opaque, not fully realized,” Cox said in his gallery summary. There are many different angles of the male bodies including midriffs, headshots, arms, legs and backs. Every piece, although only portraying males, contains a frank depiction of humanity.

While gazing upon his various artwork, viewers cannot help but cast their eyes upon the imperfect aspects. Elements of the pictures such as birth marks, moles, body hair and tan lines seem to be the main focus. Although the pieces are fairly self-explanatory, none have a description or background information, leaving viewers to interpret the emotions and reasoning themselves. One picture zooms in far enough to depict the grainy quality of the photo, which further emphasizes the up-close, honest theme.

“There is this one big photo on the back wall that at first looks like it is made up of multiple photos attached by tape,” Nina Kay (’19) said. “However, when you get up close to it you see that all the tape and seams are fake and it’s really one big photo.”

This gallery, on display for four weeks, is the first for a new program at Hope called Borgeson Artist-in-Residence. On the event page, it describes how the artist will meet with students and alumni from the department and then provide a lecture and solo exhibition in the De Pree gallery. On opening day, Cox delivered a talk at 4 p.m. with a reception 5-6:30 p.m.

“Students should look at the gallery because the artist [Chris Cox] is a Hope college graduate and I think it is important for current students to see what former Hope students are able to do once they graduate,” Kay said.

The gallery is open for viewing every week Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m. All who are interested should stop by and view the artwork before it wraps up on Nov. 18.

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