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Book releases to put on your calendar this summer break

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PUBLISHED AGAIN — Hope alum Emily Henry will release her second book, “A Million Junes, in May. (Goodreads)

Summer is just around the corner, and everybody knows that one of the best feelings is lounging in a beach chair by the water with your favorite book. Fortunately, quite a few books that will be released this summer are garnering buzz. Here are a few you might want to check out this break:

‘A Million Junes’ by Emily Henry (May 16)
Hope alum, Emily Henry, splashed onto the book scene with last year’s “The Love That Split the World”. Now she’s re- turning with “A Million Junes”, which Goodreads describes as “Romeo and Juliet” meets “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. The novel features star- crossed lovers, ghosts and magic. Aspiring Hope authors will want to get their hands on this Hope success story.

‘Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2022)” by David Sedaris (May 30)
The Boston Glove, New York Times Book Review and Bustle all included Sedaris’ upcoming work on their most anticipated books of 2017 lists, and it’s not hard to see why. Sedaris has become one of the most famous humor writers of modern times.

However, “Theft by Finding” is a little different than his previous books, as it’s made up of Sedaris’ private journal entries. If you’re interested to see how a funny man’s mind works, this may be the summer read for you.

‘Once and for All’ by Sarah Dessen (June 6)
New York Times best-sell- ing author Sarah Dessen will release her latest teen romance novel this summer. “Once and for All” follows Louna, the daughter of a wedding planner, who’s cynical view of “happily-ever-after” is challenged after meeting a boy named Ambrose. Goodreads describes this book as “bubbly as champagne and delectable as wedding cake”. Therefore, those who are fixated on “ring by spring” may want to pick up this book during vacation.

‘Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body’ by Roxane Gay (June 13)
New York Times best-sell- ing author Roxane Gay examines issues surrounding food, self-esteem and health in this raw memoir. Readers travel with her through her child- hood, teens and twenties and to an act of violence that would cast a shadow over her young life.

In “Hunger”, Gay opens up about what it’s like to be over- weight during a time where girls in magazines and on the television are airbrushed to be two sizes smaller than they actually are.

‘Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore’ by Matthew J. Sullivan (June 13)
Those wanting a little more mystery in their lives should check out this novel. “Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore” takes place after a bookshop patron commits suicide. His favorite book store worker is then left with the challenge of solving the puzzle left behind. Sullivan, most known for his short stories, makes his novel- writing debut with this work.

‘My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter’ by Aja Monet (June 13)
Included in Bustle’s “15 Most Anticipated Poetry Collections of 2017” list, Monet’s book is an ode to mothers, daughters and sisters. Its poems explore a variety of settings from Chicago to Palestine as they dive into topics of sexuality, race, sexism, heartbreak and grief.

Hope women still captivated by questions brought forth after watching this year’s “Va- gina Monologues” may want to give this collection of poetry a try.

‘Thousand Star Hotel’ by Bao Phi (July 4)
Bao Phi is no stranger to re- leasing collections of poetry, as his previous books include “Song I Sing”, “Last Name First” and “The Way We Pay”. His newest poetry collection, entitled “Thousand Star Ho- tel”, will be released in July, and it explores racism, police brutality and Asian-American poverty. Bao is also an accomplished slam poet, “Thousand Star Hotel” is sure to feature an intensity that hits readers from the moment they glance at its pages.

‘The Last Magician’ by Lisa Maxwell (July 18)
Maxwell’s upcoming book is set in modern day New York, where a few magicians– called the Mageus– live in the shadows. Esta, a talented thief, is given the task of time-traveling back to 1902 New York and prevent the Mageus’ demise. Maxwell is a sucker for fantastical worlds, even having written about Neverland in the past. Therefore, lovers of “Once Upon a Time” might like her upcoming novel.

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