Aliens deliver new, exotic art to Kruizenga

This past weekend, mysterious additions and disappearances were discovered in the Kruizenga Art Museum. None of these additions were scheduled, so workers quickly had to investigate the scene. On Oct. 27, all pieces in the museum appeared normal upon closing. Around midnight that night, surveillance images showed paintings from the Living Traditions collection mysteriously flying off the walls. Nearly instantaneously, these images were replaced with rather “spooky” art pieces. Despite the pieces leaving the wall, none of them were found on the floor or in surrounding areas.

Each art piece had disappeared completely. The question raised by workers is how did this happen and by whom? Despite seeing a clear switch of the art pieces, there is no evidence of anyone being attached to the crime. The Holland Police Department checked for fingerprints at the museum this Sunday but said nothing unusual showed up in the results. “This is something unheard of,” one officer said. “In all of my years of working, we have never seen a mystery like this occur on a college campus.” Suspicions on campus have grown about what or who could have caused this switch in the museum. One student who wishes to remain unnamed described the scene he saw from Kollen Hall. “I was in my room and all of a sudden I heard a large crash,” he said. “I decided to look outside the window and accompanied with the noise was a great big flash of light.” This student believes the incident was caused by a mysterious UFO crashing down by the museum. Although no damage was evident on or nearby the building, a large, unknown type of metal was found in the bushes surrounding the museum. “I could have sworn I saw someone inhuman in the midst of the flash but figured it had been my imagination,” he said. “Hearing about the incident in the museum, I now believe my initial suspicion that this was some type of extraterrestrial life appearing on campus.”

This particular student was not the only one with the belief that an extraterrestrial event occurred on campus. Numerous staff members at the museum agree that this was the only logical explanation. “It seems so crazy to me, but I don’t know what else it could be,” a worker said. “One minute you have our normal exhibit, and the next we have terrifying images up in place of it. I would’ve thought this was absolutely insane if someone told me, but it all adds up.” While no one knows for sure the cause of this event, members of the Holland and Hope communities agree that there is no logical explanation, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life on campus seems more realistic than ever before.

If you have additional opinions or any more information about this incident on campus, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Anchor.

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