Daily Archives: December 4, 2018


Perspectives from abroad

“Part of being an American abroad means answering questions.” If I had heard this statement prior to my experience in India, I would have judged it and coated in the lens of egotistical nationalism. However, I am learning to put down the sword and recognize the truth. Sure, the U.S. has a problem with placing…


Christmas comes early, thanks to IRC

While there were no stockings or roaring fires at the French House last Friday night, there was a lot of Christmas spirit. The event featured three Hope T.A.’s sharing their favorite traditions from their respective home countries. Hand-crafted decorations adorned the cottage. Judging by the many who attended, the evening seemed like quite a hit….


Marvel’s greatest hero passes: Stan Lee

“Marvel” means so much more than “wonder, amazement, astonishment and curiosity.” The word is synonymous with the most successful characterbased creative powerhouse in history, boasting 8,000 unique characters and a whopping total of 52 films (21 of which are cemented in the same cinematic universe). Wherever creative freedom exists, Marvel tends to exist there also,…