Daily Archives: October 16, 2018


Men’s golf dominates the MIAA

Over the past Friday and Saturday, Hope’s ninth ranked men’s golf team competed in the MIAA championship tournament. The Flying Dutchmen came into the tournament with a strong lead over runner-up Calvin College but nonetheless had to fight hard for the win. On Friday, the first day of the tournament, Hope came out first with…


‘Crooked’ starts, ends run in DeWitt

As the stage manager bustles and the master electrician finishes checking spotlights, actresses sit under the careful eyes of the costumers. The director and designers are sprinkled among the students in the intimate space of DeWitt’s studio theatre with their jobs finished—whether they like it or not. The lights go down, come back up and…


The food crisis at hand

A culture filled with glossy magazines and plastic people causes much of the Western world to view food through a distorted lens. Whether it is by not eating enough, eating too much or simply not recognizing the foods being chewed and swallowed, there lies a great disconnect between the energy exuded thanks to food and…