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Gungor hits Dimnent with unique sound

Last Friday, Hope College’s Dimnent Chapel was filled with students and the Holland community to experience Gungor’s music. Although advertised that doors would open at 7:30 p.m., a line formed outside the chapel well before then. The crowd’s energy was high, despite the recent heat wave and Dimnent’s lack of air conditioning. Gungor consists of…

Bob Dylan: unexpected but qualified

The word ‘literature’ tends to spark thoughts of novels and writers like Charles Dickens. How many people hear that word and think of guitars, harmonicas and Bob Dylan? Probably not many. Naturally, that meant when Dylan received the Nobel Prize award in literature this past week, there was some controversy about the outcome; some loved…


Ankrd in Music

As students, music is essential to our rhythm of life, from mornings of singing in the shower to late nights of finishing homework with earbuds in to keep the rest of the world out. There really isn’t a good day that passes by without some music to accompany it. With music so readily available in…