Campus response to polar vortex

Elizabeth Inthisane: Sophomore, commuter “I don’t live on campus, so haven’t actually been to school until [last] Friday, because it’s been so horrible. The roads have been super bad. my car engine completely froze so I couldn’t get to school at all.” Isaiah Hough: Junior, RA of Brumler Apartments “The snowstorm kept me inside mostly….


CAPS supports all students

Q: What exactly is your job on campus? A: I’m a clinical psychiatrist and clinical coordinator here at CAPS, so I provide counsel service for students. I also do some psychological assessments, and provide clinical supervision. We also do outreach and training programs here. We do RA training in the fall, and we do QPR…


Need for revival on campus

Q: What exactly is your job on campus? A: I am a chaplain here in Campus Ministries, and I meet with students one-on-one and offer pastoral care. I also organize spring break immersion trips and train leaders. Q: Can you give a brief explanation about what this current “Revive” series is about? A: The Revive…