The Ranchor

The Ranchor is our semesterly, satire edition. Everything that is apart of this section is inaccurate, false, and written with comedic intent. The Anchor is not attempting to make any factual statements with these articles. Enjoy!


RANCHOR: A curious Hope College incident

What follows are extracts from the journal of Dr. Boris Renderton, former Associate Professor of Chemistry at Hope College before his abrupt resignation:            October 25th, 2019           “It seems a rather curious thing to dwell over. It’s the end of October, just after midterms, surely there isn’t a student on campus who isn’t feeling mentally…


RANCHOR: In Memoriam

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing from green to gold, the air is crisp as the crunchiest apple picked fresh from the orchard and all can partake in the fun of frolicking in the yard playing football while the turkey roasts inside. All is refreshing and calm. What once was new…