Build and update your resume

“LinkedIn really helps students bring their resume to life,” career counselor Megan Fisher said. If anyone knows about LinkedIn, it is Fisher from Hope College’s Career Development Center. Fisher regularly works with students who want to connect with Hope alumni in a field he or she is interested in. Used by many employers and job-seekers…


STEM steps up for middle school students

Hope College has developed an after-school program for middle school students called Step Up, a collaboration of the Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) and TRiO Upward Bound programs for elementary and high school students. It’s a successful initiative that is continuing to grow. Initially enrolling five CASA students who were moving into middle school, Step…


Alumni youth award winners give back

Hope College receives two alumni, Sarah Sanderson Doyle and Josiah Dykstra, as recipients for this year’s Young Alumni Award. This honor recognizes extraordinary achievements for professional endeavor, research, volunteerism and/or involvement within the local or global community made by alumni who have graduated within the past 15 years. Special consideration will be given for those…