Articles by Sarah Simmons

AN ARTIST AND HIS MUSE — Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Alma (Vicky Krieps) discover desire in a fashionable world.

‘Phantom Thread’: Oscar-worthy production

“Phantom Thread” is a must-see with its carefully woven cinematography and unconventional love story. The film, starring well-renowned actor Daniel Day-Lewis, was released on Jan. 19 in area theaters. Since Day-Lewis announced his retirement from acting this past summer, it is also most likely his final performance. Much like a well-made dress, the cinematography is…


Maroon 5 is feeling the ‘Blues’

Pop music is having quite the spurt of creative productivity these days. Maroon 5’s new album, “Red Pill Blues,” comes right smack-dab in the middle of it. Released Nov. 3, the album combines Adam Levine’s consistently smooth vocals with a freshly electronic sound. The track “What Lovers Do” featuring SZA has remained steady at number…


Behind the scenes with Vanderprov

“YES, AND…” — Moments from Vanderprov’s first show of the semester back in September had the audience roaring. (Photos by Kelly Ocock) Last Thursday night members of Hope College’s improvisational team gathered in a classroom to hone their comedic craft. The team enthusiastically worked together through several improvisational games, filling the room with laughter. Vanderprov…