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AN ARTIST AND HIS MUSE — Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Alma (Vicky Krieps) discover desire in a fashionable world.

‘Phantom Thread’: Oscar-worthy production

“Phantom Thread” is a must-see with its carefully woven cinematography and unconventional love story. The film, starring well-renowned actor Daniel Day-Lewis, was released on Jan. 19 in area theaters. Since Day-Lewis announced his retirement from acting this past summer, it is also most likely his final performance. Much like a well-made dress, the cinematography is…


Breakdown of the government shutdown

  After a weekend-long shutdown, The House has followed  the Senate and agreed to fund the U.S. government for three weeks. Still, many Americans find themselves uneasy at the idea that the government shut  down in the first place, meaning all unessential employees  will be instructed not to return to work, and typically essential  services…