Daily Archives: April 27, 2016

TALENT RUSHES IN — Seven gifted groups performed for the campus community at SAC’s Really Big Talent Show, but there can be only one winner. Alex Pasker took home the gold with a tap dancing routine.

SAC showcases student talent

On Friday, April 22, Hope College’s Student Activities Committee (SAC) hosted one of its most popular events of the year: The Really Big Talent Show. Every year, students audition to showcase their talents to the entire campus community. SAC kept the same Masters of Ceremony, but compared to last year, there was a greater variety…

SPACE-FILLED MODEL OF DNA — Made up of the nucleotides adenine and guanine (purines), cytosine and thymine (pyrimidines). The dashes between the hydrogens, oxygens and nitrogens refer to hydrogen bonds that bind DNA together and ultimately form the 3D structure of the double helix

National DNA day unfolds with pomp

NIH celebrates discovery of double-helix as well as the completion of the human genome project   The double helix structure of deoxyribonucleic acid’s (DNA) is one of the most wellknown hallmarks of modern science, particularly among the biological sciences. On April 25, 1953, the structure of DNA was revealed to the public at large in…

RACE IS STILL LEGAL — Pirelli World Challenge cars compete in the 2015 Long Beach Grand Prix. Under the withdrawn EPA rule modifications of such street legal exotics for racing would have become illegal.

EPA withdraws regulation banning racing

Public backlash causes EPA to put brakes on new rule that would have prevented vehicle modification   After sharp national backlash from racing fans, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) withdrew a proposed regulation that could have effectively banned the majority of U.S. auto racing. Last year the EPA proposed a relatively obscure new rule that…